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Rubber Batons: In Almaty the Police Fights Prostitution with the Help of Condoms

Liter Daily, Kazakhstan:

Almaty, 28 September, 2006 -- The law enforcement units named their raid “on-the-fly prophylaxis activity PIMP”. It was launched to unveil crimes connected to prostitution and people-trafficking. For six full days the operation was in full swing on the notorious “red light streets” – Saina Str. and Seifullina Str. in Almaty. Police crashed on hotels, saunas and rented apartments. Seven pimps and more than 400 sex workers were arrested.

In Ainabulak-4 region two young men were arrested for providing girls to wealthy clients. Also the police arrested a 52-year-old female pimp, who kept a private brothel right inside her flat. But the most interesting case was the discovery of a porter in one of rather prestigious hotels in Bostandyk region, who like in a famous soviet movie “Inter-girl”, provided the hotel guests with elite prostitutes.

The police managed to replenish their database on priestesses of commercial love. Now the “free-lance” employees of saunas and hotels are included into such lists. Mostly they are illegal workers from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The only “problem” is that the police will not be able to do anything about it, because the law does not say anything about prosecution of prostitution. It is also difficult to charge foreigners with anything of this kind. Comical it may be to have in their migration document a section “Purpose of travel – sexual activity”. In addition, to sue their “employers” for illegally “employing” them is equally impossible as the law does not allow legalizing such a “work migrant”. Moreover, the illegal migrant workers can’t be departed from the country either, as there is a moratorium on such actions.

The only way out for the police officers as well as doctors is to chase these “universal workers” in order to hand them as many condoms as possible and to examine them for HIV and other “professional” ailments. This raid reminded of another activity that took place several years ago. That time, on the 8 of March, the police made a very specific “gift” to prostitutes – they all were put to custody and later asked to wash the floors in police stations as a punishment.

However, the efforts of the police were not in vain. During this activity they managed to catch and imprison a 31-year old female pimp, who confined an underage girl and coerced her into continuous prostitution. If she proves guilty, a severe prosecution awaits this “Madame” according to the criminal code.

Askar Dzhaldinov