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Slovakia: Odyseus, interviews and a party

17 December, 2010, Bratislava - Odyseus, SWAN representative in Slovakia, uses International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers in a more positive way. The sex workers are invited to a small party. There will be nice food, typical for this period of the year and small presents for each guest!

Odyseus also puts energy to change the attitudes toward sex work and sex workers. In the framework of December 17 awareness campaign, Odyseus interviewed two sex workers and these interviews are available online here. One is audio-recorded, while the other one is written because the woman was afraid, that somebody will recognize her voice. Both are female sex workers, one works indoors, the other - outdoors. The interview is touching upon their reasons to work in sex industry, if they keep all the money for themselves, experiences with violence, police, and customers – the worst and best experience at work and message for the ones, who depreciate them.
Both interviews are in Slovak right now, but soon will be translated into English and Russian.

Contact: Katarina Jiresova
Email address: podchod@ozodyseus.sk
Web site: www.ozodyseus.sk