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The War of Pimps and Prostitutes in Bulgaria's Seaside Varna

Prostitution is still a big criminal issue in Bulgaria.

Those, who manage the whole "business", are only the pimps and the girls' traffickers. They do not even have names but just nicknames.

When being accused of the crimes they regularly commit, they manage to sneak from the justice hands. Only God knows how...

The story of one of the biggest crime rings in the seaside city of Varna is similar.

Darik Radio's journalists Bogdana Lazarova and Nikolay Hristov have decided to see what it was all about.

The people, who form the "organization", have power over the prostitutes, working in several massage clubs as well as on the road from Varna to Burgas. The criminals are managing also the girls, earning money in the luxurious seaside Golden Sands resort.

The 36-year-old group's leader, called Ivo the Dwarf, is the master of girls' traffic channels to Belgium. The authorities there have issued an order for all members' arrest and extradition from Bulgaria. The demand is denied as Bulgaria itself has already launched a trial against the criminals.

The other people, standing below the Dwarf in the organization's hierarchy are Sasho the Fat, Mitko the Little as well as the ex-prostitute Galiya. The role of the three is to follow every step, made by the girls and to collect the money they have earned.

If some of the "workers" tries to hide money, a cruel beating and a rape is what follows.

Evelin Dimov, or the so-called Ivo the Dwarf, is a "character" from the police reports for years. He was arrested for traffic of women and drugs, incitement to prostitution and organizing a crime ring. He has several provisionally enforceable judgements for thefts, committed about ten years ago. In most of the cases Dimov had been released because of his "serious" diseases. In fact, his health is pretty good. There are, however, helpful doctors from the local hospital "St. Anna", who gave him forged medical certificates.

Otherwise, Dimov has several officially registered companies. He owns large building plots in Varna and the towns of Balchik and Montana. The leader even bought forest patches in north-western Bulgaria. The police say that his activities do not correspond to the incomes he gets.

The second position in ring's hierarchy is occupied by Alexander Ivanakiev - Sasho the Fat, who is 35-year-old. He has a child and a dossier. It contains the same accusations as Ivo's one. Sasho has been sentenced for brutal trashing of several girls, working in a "famous massage club".

Being aware of the fact that such figures walk freely in the streets, every sensible God’s creature would not care that somewhere in the registers there is a law for legalization of the most ancient profession - the prostitution.

Darik Radio, Bulgaria
Translated by Margarita Stoyancheva, Sofia News Agency