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Czech Republic: Mapping of sex workers in Czech Republic

The decision to count number of sex workers in the country, as well as map their behavior was made by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs. The reason? “Prostitution is connected with pimping and other crime,” say the ministries officials.

Detailed questionnaires will be developed and distributed around the country by the end of this year. Budget allocated CZK 1,5 mill (app. USD 76,000) for this project, says Lenka Myslikova from the Ministry of Interior.

Asked about the sex workers census, speaker of the Ministry of Social Affairs Jiri Sezemsky confirmed it and added that the job would be done by NGOs chosen by the state.

Interviewers will contact sex workers in the counseling centers and on the street. Results are expected to be developed in one year time. Currently, the estimates of the number of prostitutes in Czech Republic vary from 6 to 30 thousand.