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Does the law suit against pimps indicate a growing civic awareness or moral decline of the society?

Aigul Solovyeva, President of the Civil Alliance of Republic of Kazakhstan:

- In my opinion the morals of prostitutes went down already at the moment when they entered this occupation. Probably they turned to court because they felt themselves citizens of the country who have rights equal to others. No doubt that without trust in judges, the “priestesses of love” would never share their problems with the court. One can endlessly condemn prostitutes for their “work”, but it can’t be done objectively, because most of women get involved in such activities because of bad living conditions. Noticeably women’s organizations became very active in Kazakhstan and started to raise the issue of sex trafficking. If possible, coercion to sex work should be sentenced.

Raushan Sarsembayeva, President of Association of Business Women in Kazakhstan:

- The problem is in the double standards persisting in our country. While people say “Condemn prostitution”, in the same time they deny the existence of red light streets in our cities, which, by the way, are far from being empty. Prostitution in Kazakhstan has become a sphere of labor and employment market. As any other sphere it should be regulated by the government. It is about the time to raise the question of legalizing prostitution. Of course, my opinion will raise criticism, but it is much better to legalize occupation, which had, does and will exist, than lament over slavery, violence and crime in the sphere of sex services.

Translated from: www.liter.kz