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Bulgaria: Fifth annual national meeting of NGOs working with sex workers

The main purpose of the meeting was to exchange useful information and experiences, develop common plans and strategies regarding sex workers’ health and rights.

Discussions were held on different topics such as police abuses, legal situation regarding prostitution, inclusion of sex workers in the outreach work, forming drop-in centers for sex workers, etc.

“The first Bulgarian Survivor show was organized at the meeting, for different outreach teams” – says Angelina Georgieva from HESED. “Participants needed to pass through different tests as the main idea was to show that the successful team work is based on trust and good co-ordination between the team members.”

The meeting, funded by GFATM, was held in the frame of the National HIV/AIDS Program.

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Contact: Angelina Georgieva, a.georgieva@hesed.bg