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Legalization of prostitution in Kyrgyzstan: Pro and Con

Topchubek Turgunaliev, director of the Institute of Human Rights and Freedoms:
Prostitution in Kyrgyzstan is on the upbeat for the past 15-20 years, which triggers serious concern. I have studied this issue well. Take western countries or Russia, for example, where the so-called accommodation houses are legal since 1861.

Yes, I think prostitution in Kyrgyzstan should be legalized; representatives of this ancient profession should be under strict medical and social control. We all know that red lamps are often attended by family men, who risk to catch infection. It definitely should be legalized. Brothels should become open and government should take it under control.

I have no money to invest into brothel industry development. But even if I had some, I would better invest it into boarding schools construction. Those who use services of that kind of places should spend their money on its development. How you say it correctly? Commercial sex workers? Well, those who “work” with them should care about this industry development.

Syinat Sultanalieva, representative of Labrys, dealing with commercial sex workers’ and sexual minorities’ rights protection:

Legalization of commercial sex is essential. This way we could provide security for working girls and boys. Today, hundreds of female and, if you know, male prostitutes are assaulted by their clients.

My attitude to fast love followers is rather positive. I think there is a certain benefit from them, if this profession is still demanded. I believe that adults have a right to choose how they will earn their living. It is not their fault that they had to enter this business to feed their families. They made their choice and one should not judge them.

Now I do not have funds to invest into brothel construction. But I would never invest money into some kind of illegal or shady business.

Marat Sultanov, chairman of the Bishkek City Court:
I cannot be unambiguous about whether it is right or wrong to legalize prostitution in Kyrgyzstan. However I pity those who are involved in that kind of business. I believe one can always make a living in some other way, there is always an alternative. But they choose the easier way, which does not require intellect. I do not reproach them, that is just my opinion.
No I will never in my life invest money into something like that.

Valery Kim, physician, member of Bishkek Council:
Yes, prostitution is such a thing that definitely should be legalized. However, I am sure that most of the god-fearing people in Kyrgyzstan will be strictly against, which may trigger public unrest.
I pity those women a lot. Hard living conditions forced them into this business. It is not their fault that this is the only way for them to make a living. I do not understand those who still offer to eradicate or prohibit prostitution, it is nonsense. Prostitution exists in every country of the world since the Roman Empire.
Yes, I don not mind to sink money in brothel development.

Tursunbek Akun, Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan:
No, it is too early too think about legalization of prostitution. Kyrgyzstan is still underdeveloped to understand the issue of the commercial sex, and is way too far from its legalization. We should take into account the fact that most of the Kyrgyz population consider themselves Muslim. Islam is strongly against prostitution in any form. Kyrgyz society is not ready for legalization of commercial sex. That is for sure.

My attitude to fancy women is negative. However, I can understand them. Government has no right to reproach them or punish. It is obvious that tough living conditions forced them into this business.

I am definitely against brothels’ development. I have already answered why. Kyrgyzstan is deep in problems. I don’t think it is time to invest money in something, moreover in brothels’ development.

Galina Kulikova, Member of Kyrgyz Parliament:
This issue should be taken seriously. Prostitution has always existed and nothing can change it. I think it is logical to consider it some kind of business. Like it or not, it is a profession, which needs to be legalized and put under governmental control. As I already mentioned during the round table conference on commercial sex issues, these women should undergo regular medical checkups and pay taxes as every other workers do. We live in a civilized country and the today’s state of affairs in this sphere is intolerable. I think we should start dealing with this problem now. No need to pretend that everything is fine. I think it is high time to risk legalizing prostitution. No risk, no reward!

From one hand I pity those girls who get involved in prostitution out of hopelessness. But from the other hand there are women who prefer this kind of activity to other jobs. I would never in my life let my daughter sell her body.

Unfortunately, I have no extra money; I live only on my salary. But if activists of public organizations protecting rights of prostitutes open a bank account for a brothel construction, I would probably allot some money for that.