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Women’s Rights Alert: Polish Government to Introduce Abortion Ban

The Polish Parliament discussed on its autumn session legislative changes that would prohibit any abortion in this EU Member state, even in the limited number of cases when it is allowed at the moment. The vote will take place in early 2007. The President does not support the changes, claming the recent law is a compromise. Women’s rights groups say the ban will cause even bigger rise in “abortion tourism” abroad, and demand liberation of the existing abortion rules. More

On 26 October this year, the Polish Parliament debated possible changes to the country’s Constitution, so to ensure “human life’s protection from the moment of its conception”. Voting on the issue will take place in the beginning of 2007.
According to the existing laws, abortion is allowed in three cases: 1) when pregnancy endangers woman’s life; 2) when fetus is damaged; and 3) when pregnancy is a result of a crime.
The conservative parties insist on “protecting human’s life from its conception”, claiming that any abortion is evil. The Polish President however doesn’t support the proposed changes, commenting that “the present situation is a compromise, so I back up the status quo”.
Women’s organizations do not support abortion ban. They say that total prohibition of abortion will be against women’s rights and increase discrimination against them. Net result will be, they say, that women with financial means will anyway travel abroad for abortion, while only those worse-of will have to keep pregnancy.

Contact person: Justyna Sobeyko, TADA, Poland
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