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Slovakia: Press-release: International Women's Day - to all women, even those who work in the sex business!

Contact person:
Alexandra Pódová
Coordinator of program Red Umbrella
OZ Odyseus
e-mail: sexwork@ozodyseus.sk
tel.: 02/52 49 43 44

Press release to publish on 8th March 2013
International Women's Day - to all women, even those who work in the sexbusiness!

International Women's Day - a celebration of women and their struggle for equality. 8th March is celebrated in Slovakia for many years. NGO Odyseus works with women sexworkers by program Red Umbrella.

 ,, This day we want to point out that even our clients are daughters, sisters, mothers, wives. In a word - women. We want their work and their human rights to be respected. We definitely need to eliminate violence often commited on these women. "Says Sandra Pódová of Odyseus, adding that during last year violence and human rights of women working in street sex workers in Bratislava were mapped.

,, Unfortunately our questionnaires, as well as experience in the social work field, showed that women working in the sex business experience violence and violation of their rights. Violence is often both mental and physical, we should not forget aggressive customers and discrimination by the institutions. At the same time the majority of cases of violence or rights violations were not judged as criminal complaint because asked women believe that filing in a criminal complaint would not be effective and they would only have useless troubles with the police.

,, No one should be punished for free choice of their profession. " Said Pódová