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Regional Assessment of the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Sex-Workers and Sex-Worker-Led Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia This report documents the impact of the war in Ukraine on sex workers and sex worker-led organisations in the CEECA region. Firstly, it explores how the war

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Sex Work and Digital Technologies in CEECA In the world of the 21st century, the influence of digital technologies on every facet of society is undeniable, and digitalization has become an integral part of human life. One domain where the impact of these technologies is particularly profound, yet often overlooked,

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Experiences and Tips in Community-Led Monitoring – SWAN members’ experiences The main idea of this resource is to provide impetus to extend Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in programs with sex workers in our region, in order to inspire SWAN members with the experiences gained.  The material compiles the experience of community-led

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