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Who can become a member?

SWAN membership is open to organisations and individuals who endorses NSWP Consensus Statement on Sex Work, Human Rights, and the Law and SWAN’s aims.

These aims are:

  • Recognise the right of sex workers to take agency in their lives, health and decision-making;

  • Commit to actively involve sex workers in all levels of SWAN governance and to the protection of their human rights;

  • Recognise sex work as work, which is the sale of sexual services between consenting adult women, men and transgender people.

Organisations that are sex worker led or meaningfully engage sex workers can apply for full membership with voting rights. Other organisations that do not yet meaningfully engage sex workers can apply for associate membership; and individual sex workers can apply for individual membership without voting rights.

What are the benefits of becoming a SWAN member?

SWAN members can benefit from:

  • Networking opportunities by joining our list-servs and exchange information and experiences with other members;

  • Participation in SWAN’s activities: Our members can apply to join our activities to build their capacities and meet other sex workers’ rights activists;

  • Be part of SWAN’s consultations: SWAN regularly consults its members for the development of strategic and advocacy plans;

  • Voting rights: Sex worker-led organisations can vote for their representatives on the Management Committee. Members of SWAN can also stand for the role in the Management Committee.

More detailed information can be found in our membership forms.

Membership form for organisations that want to apply for membership can be found in English and Russian.

Membership form for individuals who want to apply for membership can be found in English and here in Russian.

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