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By olga on Aug 1st, 2006

Liter Daily, Kazakhstan:

Almaty, 28 September, 2006 -- The law enforcement units named their raid “on-the-fly prophylaxis activity PIMP”. It was launched to unveil crimes connected to prostitution and people-trafficking. For six full days the operation was in full swing on the notorious “red light streets” – Saina Str. and Seifullina Str. in Almaty. Police crashed on hotels, saunas and rented apartments. Seven pimps and more than 400 sex workers were arrested.

By olga on Aug 1st, 2006

-A short review-

By Vera Sergunina, Women’s Rights Center, SWAN Member from Kazakhstan

Currently, provision of sex services (prostitution) is not illegal in Kazakhstan, but at the same time there is no official definition of the status of commercial sex workers and no legal regulations of this sphere. The phenomenon exists, and the government admits this fact, but instead of an adequate recognition of commercial sex work and its legalization with all the consequences (taxation, human rights protection, etc.) the state continues to refer to it as an “antisocial behavior”. In spite of the fact that sex work is not prosecuted, the commercial sex workers (both females and males) are outlawed, which justifies the violation of their rights by customers, people in control of their business, as well as the police officers.

By olga on Aug 1st, 2006

By Daniyar Yenikeev, Public Committee for Legalization of Prostitution

www.zonakz.net, 21 August, 2006 -- The current bad working conditions of female sex workers require the state interference and an initiative to introduce regulatory mechanisms in this business. Sex workers need state’s help as their living conditions are not simply hard, but often monstrous and unbearable. We have to realize the fact that prostitution exists in modern society, and hence, our attitude toward the representatives of this ancient profession should be more liberal and loyal. Whether we want it or not, prostitution will always exist…. Our civic duty is to protect those women who cannot find the occupation in other spheres of life… Kazakh society is ready for the legalization of prostitution. This will play a positive role in the creation of a constitutional state.

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