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By admin on Mar 8th, 2014

 SWAN Steering Committee and Secretariat send their support to Bishkek Feminist Initiative (SQ) and would like to encourage the activists to stay strong and continue their important work in promoting women's rights among the people of Kyrgyzstan. The attacks against these activists should stop and perpetrators should be prosecuted!

By admin on Feb 19th, 2014

 More than 560 civil society organisations and 70 researchers tell the European Parliament to reject a report on prostitution by Mary Honeyball, MEP for London, which promotes the criminalisation of clients of sex workers, in an upcoming plenary session on February 27th.

By admin on Dec 28th, 2013

 Sex Workers Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) joins the sex workers movement across the world in mourning the sudden and untimely loss of Andrew Hunter,the founder and a president of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) and founder of the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW).

By admin on Dec 20th, 2013

Our sex worker colleague's, Bella's message to fellow sex workers in the world. She has been an amazingly active sex worker activist for years.

By admin on Dec 20th, 2013

Why December 17th is important to her - sex worker from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

By admin on Dec 18th, 2013

 Source: Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association on Başka Haber

Today is December 17, the Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Female, male, and trans sex workers are trying to continue their lives amidst violence in Turkey and across the world. Labeling, othering, social exclusion, discrimination, violence, and murder are the daily experiences for sex workers. Sex workers are imprisoned in the cycles of threats, sexual assault, extortion, physical assaults, and murder. Society does not oppose this situation and officials do not take preventative measures. Sex workers are left to die.

By admin on Dec 18th, 2013

Date: 17th December 2013
Contact: Sandra Pódová, coordinator of Red umbrella program
sexwok@ozodyseus.sk, 02/52494344

Opinion evidence about violence by female sex workers
17th December International day to end violence against sex workers

History of 17th December as an International day to end violence against sex workers has begun in 2003, when organization SWOP in USA organised memorial ceremony for more than 48 victims of murder from green river. This event has grown into international movement, which draws attention to hate crime and discrimination of people working in sex business.

By admin on Dec 18th, 2013

A video address of a Macedonian sex worker on December 17.

By admin on Dec 18th, 2013

“Silver Rose”, the association of sex workers and their allies to protect health dignity and human rights, Russia  


December 17 – International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers 
The Red Umbrella Action 

The event is organized to commemorate the International day to end violence against sex workers. It will take place on December 17, 11.00 –17.00 at the Sakharov center, Moscow, Zemlianoi val street, 57, stroenie 6. Organizer: “Silver Rose”, the Movement of Sex Workers and Their Allies to Protect Dignity and Human Rights.

By admin on Dec 18th, 2013

Sarajevo, 17th December 2013
Press release
Marking of International day to end violence against sex workers
Today at 11:55 in front of the BBI Centre in Sarajevo, Association PROI activists marked 17th December - International Day to end violence against sex workers by opening 11 red umbrellas. With this unusual act, Association PROI wants to draw public attention on the issue of violence against women who willingly provide sexual services in exchange for money or other value. Read whole document in PDF.

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