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By olga on Dec 25th, 2006

More than 400 sex workers from Romania’s capital Bucharest will from mid-December be able to get free of charge rapid test and counseling for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Syphilis. The voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) will be carried out by an outreach team of the Romanian NGO ARAS, member of the SWAN Network, in the places where sex workers work and live. The team will use “Social Ambulance”, a vehicle designed for providing services to sex workers. More

By admin on Apr 16th, 2006

The mission of HESED is to carry out health promotion activities and to stimulate social development of underprivileged groups and communities on the territory of Bulgaria. The main target groups are sex workers, Roma people and men having sex with men.

In 1997, HESED was the first Bulgarian organization to start focusing on problems of sex workers in the country. Outreach work is based on accessibility, anonymity, confidentiality, and professionalism. The members of the team are professional psychologists and social workers. They offer free services such as health education and consultations; dissemination of specially designed educational materials, of condoms and lubricants; referral and accompanying to health and social services; harm reduction, needles and syringes exchange and training of peer educators. More

Contact person: Tsvetelina Oreshkova
E-mail: t.oreshkova@hesed.bg
Website: www.hesed.bg

By idoru on Apr 15th, 2006
By idoru on Apr 14th, 2006

 The Hungarian Prostitutes’ Interest Protection Association (SZEXE) was founded in 2000, soon after prostitution became legal in Hungary. The NGO started to work first as an interest representation of women sex workers at disadvantage, and in 2002, homo- and transsexual sex workers joined also the association. SZEXE aims at protecting sex workers’ rights and helping sex workers willing to quit to spend as little time in prostitution as possible. In order to achieve these aims, SZEXE runs a free legal aid service and a 24-hours hot-line, provides assistance and counselling in health and social issues, promotes safer sex, implements training projects for unqualified sex workers and advocates for respect for sex workers’ rights. Recently, SZEXE (with state support and cooperation) started to operate a mobile HIV & STI testing unit. More

Contact: Boglarka Fedorko
E-mail: info@prostitualtak.hu and mpeeandras@gmail.com
Website: www.prostitualtak.hu

By Aliya on Apr 13th, 2006
By idoru on Apr 12th, 2006
By idoru on Apr 11th, 2006

DIA+LOGS is the first low-threshold drop-in centre in Latvia, created to help and support people living with HIV and AIDS and at-risk groups. It is a contact and support centre for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. It provides them information, spiritual, psychological and social welfare support. In addition to that, it is an information and resource centre for people interested in and working in the HIV/ AIDS sector.
DIA+LOGS is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation founded in 2002 as a joint endeavour between the Latvia NGOs AGIHAS (Latvian self support group for people living with HIV/AIDS) and LCG (Latvian Contact Group on Urban, Industrial and Rural Mission). Its Board is comprised of key stakeholders and actors in the HIV/AIDS field in Latvia. More
Contact person: Agita Seja
Email: agita.seja@inbox.lv
Website: www.diacentrs.lv

By idoru on Apr 10th, 2006

A Coalition of non-governmental organizations and experts "I Can Live" is the only such organization in Lithuania, active since 2004, that unites non-governmental organizations (6) and specialists (13) interested in effective solutions to drug-dependence and related issues of vulnerable groups as well as in creation of a safe and healthy society. The main goals of the Coalition are to seek that policy-making, decision-making and implementing institutions and persons directly related to vulnerable groups would comprehend the needs of those groups; to reduce stigmatization of and discrimination against vulnerable persons by shaping public opinion; to promote development and funding of the integration and resocialization system for vulnerable groups and mechanisms for their implementation; to seek effective implementation of the principles of harm reduction to the society/people laid down in the national drug control, drug use and HIV/AIDS prevention policy; to increase accessibility of health care, social and other services to vulnerable groups; to develop the capacity of the Coalition members, self-organization of vulnerable groups and active involvement thereof in decision making processes. In pursuing these goals the Coalition organizes monitoring and analysis of adoption and enforcement of legal; provides recommendations and consultations to authorities and other institutions as to how to address dependencies and related issues; carries out research into dependencies and related issues; organizes conferences, educational seminars, discussions and lectures; drafts information materials about dependencies and related issues. More

By idoru on Apr 8th, 2006

TADA implements a harm reduction program addressed to commercial sex workers in four Polish cities and regions - Szczecin, Gdańsk, Zielona Góra, and Warszawa. Its target groups are male and female sex workers, pimps, and their customers.

TADA promotes health and provides risks prevention and harm reduction services through street outreach, free distribution of leaflets, condoms and lubricants. The organization is active in public education and advocacy on HIV/AIDS/STI issues.  In its programs it collaborates with local government, state institutions, and the European Commission. More

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