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By olga on Aug 1st, 2006

Nomad, KZ, 23 August, 2006 -- “I am absolutely against this absurd idea”, Dos Kushim, the chairman of public association “Ult Tagdyry” comments on the initiative to legalize prostitution in Kazakhstan. “For Central Asian states it is historically unacceptable. I will agree with the claim that this evil is difficult to get rid of, practically it is impossible. You would need decades to do it. Hence, already today we have to work on improving moral values, culture, respect to the origins and traditions in our future generations. But to imitate the West only because it is so to say “more civilized”, that us is simply stupid. They might be developed, but not more cultured. Every nation has its rules, traditions and mentality. We ought to value our background. Otherwise we will lose our culture. We have our own way and we should not follow the others and make the same mistakes.”

Integral text (in Russian) available on: http://www.nomad.su/?a=8-200608230404

By Aliya on Apr 13th, 2006