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By Aliya on Sep 18th, 2008

August 2008, Open Society Institute, by Anna-Louise Crago
Our Lives Matter: Sex Workers Unite for Health and Rights highlights the creative ways in which sex workers in eight countries have organized to defend their human rights and health. The groups featured in this report by SWAN consultant Anna-Louise Crago also include two SWAN members. More


By idoru on Dec 26th, 2006
By admin on Jul 31st, 2006

Commissioned by the Open Society Institute's (www.soros.org) Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP), Sex Worker Health and Rights: Where Is the Funding? gives an overview of existing funding for sex worker health and rights initiatives, and assesses trends and implications around such support. The purpose is to generate greater awareness about the pressing needs of sex workers (including the right to be free from discrimination and violence, have safe working conditions, and quality health services) and about the opportunities for donors to fund the brave groups who are involved with these issues. More