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By Aliya on Oct 28th, 2009

6 to 8 November 2009
Salzburg, Austria
The erotic remains a tantalisingly difficult concept to describe or delineate – a quality we all understand in our subjective experience and affective reflections but find difficult to bound or delimit in our intellectual work. Whilst most engagements with the erotic recognise a relationship between the erotic and the sexual, it is clear that the erotic presents a far more complex and discursive space within which the phenomenological, aesthetic, scientific and normative understanding of issues of human sensuality, sexuality, desire and taste can be articulated. This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary project, now calling for participation in its fifth conference, aims to explore the challenging and aradoxical nature of the 'erotic'.

By Aliya on Jul 28th, 2009

Члены делегации НКО при управляющем комитете представляют интересы гражданского общества, включая интересы больных ВИЧ/СПИД, при формулировании политики и направлений развития программы ООН по ВИЧ/СПИД. Делегаты от НКО проясняют позиции сообществ, чьи интересы они представляют, по основным проблемам, имеющим отношение к программе по ВИЧ/СПИД, лоббируют их интересы на уровне государства и среди спонсорских организаций (организации ООН, входящие в «семью» программы по ВИЧ/СПИД), способствуя значимым изменениям в реализации и оценке политики и программ по ВИЧ/СПИД.

By Aliya on Jun 23rd, 2009

Sex Workers Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN – www.swannet.org) is looking for partners in Poland and Azerbaijan. We invite civil society organizations who work with sex workers to learn more about SWAN and it’s founding principles and send their letters of interest to SWAN@TASZ.HU not later than July 20, 2009.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

Asian Pacific Network of Sex Work plans to organize a Sex Worker Art Exhibition called 'The face of sex work'. This will be a space for visual art. The organizers plan to set up a multi-media exhibition where sex workers messages on HIV and Human rights issues are presented directly from our communities to conference goers in an unmediated format- the Sex workers speaking for themselves. This will allow non English speaking sex workers to present their issues through art and performance and communicate sex workers issues and ideas.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

SHARP is pleased to present its updated newsletter format. The newsletter will be released quarterly and will focus on SHARP’s activities and grantees. To subscribe to our newsletter, please visit: http://www.soros.org/initiatives/health/focus/sharp/newsletter.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

Not long ago, sexual and reproductive health and rights were excluded from the list of other Human Rights. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. However, these rights are constantly challenged, even here in Europe. Birgitta Ohlsson, Member of the Swedish Parliament since 2002, President of Liberal Women and Spokesperson Foreign Affairs Liberal Party took the initiative to start this petition to give women in the EU the right to free, legal abortions.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

PCB NGO Delegates represent the perspectives of civil society, including people living with HIV, within UNAIDS policies and programming. NGO delegates actively seek input from their respective communities on key issues related to UNAIDS policies and programs, and advocate with members states (governments) and cosponsoring organisations (the United Nations organisations that make up the UNAIDS 'family') for meaningful improvements in the implementation and evaluation of AIDS policies and programmes.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

Here is the latest ConStellation magazine. More than 80 interviews have been done in the sex industry, months of research before printing this really really amazing issue!
As you'll see, the articles are not all online, they have been censured for the general public. But the publishers will send you a PDF version of it with all the texts included, if you ask them directly. Read English version here.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

Dear Friends,
ISHR has just re-edited its Simple Guide to the Treaty Bodies. The updated edition can be downloaded here.
The Simple Guide aims to provide human rights defenders and their organisations with a broad overview of the UN human rights treaty body system and its functions in order to support their effective engagement with the treaty bodies in their own work.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

Macedonian group of sex workers STAR has developed the 6th issue of their community newsletter. In this issue: a story of a prostitute, sex work and economic crisis, peer-training in Skopje, basic human rights, and more! Download Issue 6 in Macedonian here. Download previous Issue here.

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