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Country information: Kyrgyzstan (officially the Kyrgyz Republic) is a country located in Central Asia landlocked between Western and Central Tian Shan range and Northern Pamir Mountains. 

Human Rights 2015: an overview by Amnesty International

Number of sex workers: 6900 - 7100 (data of the research on quantity evaluation, 2013).

HIV among sex workers: 2,2%. (results of the Patrol Epidemiological Supervisory Control, 2013).

Legislation and sex work: Sex work is not legalized, but it is not either criminal, or administratice offence.

The Penalty Code punishes crimes aimed at:

  • Human trafficking (Art. 124 PC KR): we understand the following as exploitation... coercion into prostitution or otehr forms of sexual activity
  • Involvement into prostitution (Art. 260 PC KR)
  • Organization or keeping disorderly houses for prostitution (Art. 261 PC KR)
  • Contamination with HIV infection (Art. 117 PC KR)
  • Contamination with a veneral disease (Art. 118 PC KR)

Administrative Code articles that are used against sex workers as ground for extortion and other illegal actions:

  • Avoidance of examination by those who have STDs (Art. 87)
  • Disorderly conduct (Art. 364)
  • Disobeying a lawful order or request of the police officer or other persons carrying out duties on protection of public order (Art. 371)
  • Living witout registration (Art. 384)
  • Consumption of drugs or psychotropic substances, drinking alcohol and appearance in public places drunk, which humiliates human dignity (Art. 366)

Police raids

Most commonly sex workers are illegally prosecuted during police raids, most of which are unauthorised, in other words, without written orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Latest news

By Aliya on Sep 15th, 2008

On 10 June 2008, a two-hours informal interactive civil society hearing, with the theme of Action For Universal Access 2010: Myths and Realities, was run in High-Level Meeting on AIDS (General Assembly, United Nations, New York). One of the civil society rapporteurs was Gulnara Kurmanova of Tais Plus, SWAN member from Kyrgyzstan. Read the speech here.

By Aliya on Dec 17th, 2007


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