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Korrespondent” informs that “Internal Security Service of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine exposed the criminal scheme of brothels’ “protection” in Kiev.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote on his Facebook page:

Korrespondent” informs that “Internal Security Service of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine exposed the criminal scheme of brothels’ “protection” in Kiev.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote on his Facebook page:

‘MIA’s Internal Security completely unmasked the criminal scheme, from which it is obvious: the employees of the Department in Kiev, not only did not fight against prostitution and brothels, but on the contrary – created and organized protection racket network of underground brothels and saloons. These dirty police established their cash flow pockets – from prostitution, providing “cover” against “hitting” brothels, organizing pimping, coordinating the system of Internet sites providing paid sex services’.

According to him, dozens of participants, the pimps, “customers” have been documented. The amount of the monthly “income” from prostitutes to the management of the Kiev Management Department is estimated at about USD 350,000.

He said that the deputy chief of the department of Kiev Colonel Dmitry Olkhovik was detained, deputy head of the Kiev management of the Department, Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Slusar disappeared and is wanted.

‘Today by my orders the head of the department Andriyenko was dismissed – evidence in the criminal case against him are under check. By the order of the Minister also was dismissed the chief of the Kyiv municipal government of anti human trafficking unit Jaroslav Zhuk – measure of his implication in the investigation will be decided by the elected inspectors’ – the minister added in “FaceBook”.

In addition, 4 more band members were detained and they are giving testimony. More than 30 participants in the scheme applied varying degrees of investigative and administrative procedures on the part of the investigation and the prosecutor’s office. The investigation is going on”.

Representatives of All-Ukrainian League “Legalife” commented on this situation as follows:

Elena Tsukerman:

“Unfortunately, in most cases, so-called “police fighting against prostitution” turns into a fight against the sex workers themselves. In the case described in the Internet media articles we can talk about the usual “show” that is familiar to people who know the context of the situation with the “protection racket” by the police against sex workers in Ukraine. They need to show how they are fighting against corruption and rogue police officers! This is what the situation requires. Such “shows” we can observed today in the Supreme Council, the prosecutor’s office and other government agencies, institutions, etc. It does not bring any results, and it drives the sex business deeper in the shadow, denying sex workers’ rights, protection and support”.

Natalia Isaeva:

“In my opinion, this article is another window dressing, namely, the Interior Ministry simply leaks unwanted, because everyone knows that in the former Soviet Union sex work is controlled by the police “protection”. After this article, those phone numbers that belonged to the police officers who were involved in the “protection” continued to operate in a matter of days, so that the “cover” remained, only the ‘controllers’ changed”.

Indeed, as later investigation of the internet-media “Dorozhnyy Kontrol (Road Control)”  as of May 1 goes:

“The staff of the Department to combat crimes related to human trafficking, who were arrested in early April were not dismissed from the Interior Ministry.” “Road Control” received information from law enforcement sources that none of these persons had been fired. Thus, the head of the Kiev anti-human trafficking unit Yaroslav Zhuk was not fired, but he was just removed from the office for the period of investigation. Colonel Sliusar is not wanted, but he is on a sick-leave. Dmitry Olkhovik was arrested just for three days and released on bail of 358 thousand UAH (15,123.46 EUR). He has not been fired either. Andrienko was just dismissed from the office.

Officials of the Ministry of Interior are surprised by articles in the media that the above-mentioned employees were faired. Internet media that reprinted the words of Avakov in the “Facebook” had not checked this information. At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Interior has not provided any documents and copies of the orders in support of his words.

“The staff of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dealing with crime related to human trafficking, who were detained on charges of “protection racket” of brothels set up a database of clients who used sex services. This database has famous people, including MPs, and this can serve as blackmail material against a lot of Ukrainian politicians.

Moreover, the minister Avakov decided to get rid of Zhuk and Olkhovik, because they started to steal too much without bringing the share of the profit to the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This case will be also used as the basis for getting rid of people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After Avakov wrote on “Facebook” on the arrests, he has not written anything else about this criminal case. The reason is that now there is a bargain going on who has to pay to whom.


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