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Call for participation in our online survey on intersectional identities and issues!

SWAN, ECOM, EHRA, and EWNA are undertaking a regional consultation to collect and assess existing experiences in the ways that intersecting identities – including LGBT, drug users, sex workers, and those living with HIV, might affect peoples’ lives, access to health services, and agency
in light of the structural inequalities, social injustice, violence, stigma and discrimination.

‘Intersectionality’ in this context refers to belonging to two or more of these communities or identities.

The goal is to develop a Briefing paper that will provide recommendations and directions for better programming and advocacy.

If you live in the countries of Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia and you identify as a person with intersectional identities, please fill in the questionnaire. It is anonymous, confidential and easy to navigate. The questionnaire is available in 3 languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian.

The survey is open until 4th of September, 2023.
Your answers are very important, and will be used to contribute to an evidence base that reflects the voices of communities in CEECA region.

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