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Call opens: Monday, September 22, 2014

Call opens: Monday, September 22, 2014

·          Deadline for submitting applications: Wednesday, October 22, 2014

·          Contract: permanent work contract

·          Location: Budapest, Hungary

·          Working hours: full-time employment



Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia is a regional network that was founded in 2006 with the support of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union and was officially registered in Hungary in 2012. SWAN is a network of sex worker led organizations, HIV service providing organizations supporting sex workers and individual sex worker activists in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  


SWAN’s mission: 

Uniting sex worker advocates to create societies in Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia where

         sex work is depenalized and decriminalized.,

         sex workers can live and work free from violence, stigma and discrimination,

         sex workers are empowered and actively engaged in issues that directly affect their lives and health.


Job description

The Executive Director of SWAN Foundation is responsible for

1.     General management

ensuring that the organizational activity is aimed at fulfilling the mission and achieving main objectives listed in the Deed and Network Strategy

overall management of the projects implemented by the organization

ensuring that all funds are used to achieve the organizational objectives and in accordance with the work plan

implementation of decisions taken by the Steering Committee

facilitation of communication between current members of the network, including organized  information deliveries as well as efforts to engage and support new members using available staff and Steering Committee members.

the preservation and availability of organizational documents for the staff team, the Steering Committee and members of the network

providing administrative support for the in-person and online meetings of the Steering Committee

2.     Planning, monitoring and reporting

availability and / or development of operational work plans on a quarterly and annual basis

– reaching the targets set by the approved project proposals

– compilation of projects reports according to obligations stated in grant agreements

– development of annual narrative and financial reports to the Steering Committee, members of the network and local authorities

3.     Human resource management

hiring employees, including organizing competitive selection process, composing ToR / job descriptions, forming selection committee and signing contracts  with successful candidates

– making sure that all the necessary provisions of the labor law are observed.

– supervising and monitoring activity of staff on a daily basis


4.     Fundraising

 identifying new funding opportunities to support activities aimed at achievement of key network strategic objectives

– coordinating submissions of grant applications developed by staff, short-term consultants and / or Steering Committee


5.     Representation and partnerships

representing the SWAN Foundation’s interests in the court and in front of Hungarian authorities

– together with the SC maintains partnerships, including negotiation, participation and building consensus within the major international and regional campaigns / initiatives, allies / members of the network by means of writing among other things letters of recommendation or support and undertaking other efforts to strengthen partnerships


Required qualifications

1.     Education and professional expertise:

a.     University degree in social sciences; management degree is an advantage

b.     Or practical experience of working in a management position for at least five years.  

2.     Expertise in at least one of the following areas: gender, sexuality, law, advocacy, research, HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programs or any other related area. 

3.     Skills: advanced leadership skills,  knowledge and ability to bring  decisions to concrete actions, communication, partnership and consensus-building skills in a multicultural environment, advanced advocacy and representation skills, fundraising and donor relations skills, advanced general management and human resource management  skills, including team-building to achieve concrete objectives, ability to work with a decision-makers from various sociocultural backgrounds, ability to make urgent decisions in the situation of lack of information, risk management skills. 

4.     Work experience

a.     Experience of working in civil sector in Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia

b.     Experience of working in a regional network organization or in the field of sex workers’ rights advocacy is an advantage;

c.     At least 5 years of working in a management position

5.     Language skills

a.     Advanced English language proficiency (written and oral)

b.     Good command of written and oral Russian is highly desirable.

c.     Knowledge of any other regional language is an advantage.


Social package

The suitable candidate will have a work permit (for non-EU citizens) and social security benefits in addition to salary.


Application process

In order to apply, please submit the following

(1) Motivation letter, explaining why you are the most suitable candidate for the position and demonstrating your adherence to SWAN’s mission;

(2) CV, including contact data of 3 reference people;

(3) A small (1500-2000 words) writing sample describing your vision for SWAN’s prospective development with examples of concrete actions.


Please, submit your applications by Wednesday, October 22, 2014 to the following address:


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