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NGO Legalife-Ukraine operates and provides services within Ukraine. The links below are for sex workers who need assistance in Ukraine. 

HOTLINE for legal support, psychological support, food, basic items such as clothes and blankets, as well as referrals for services and assistance in different regions of the country:

+38 (050) 450 777 4

+38 (067) 450 777 4 

ONLINE CHAT on their website and  Facebook page.

If you want to support Legalife-Ukraine, please use these banking details to make a donation.

Information on leaving Ukraine

Following a declaration of martial law by the Ukrainian government, Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 are being temporarily prohibited from leaving the country by the State Border Force. (Source)

Foreign residents of Ukraine may be expected to show their passports and proof of residency in Ukraine. If you are denied entry despite being a legal resident of Ukraine, contact your embassy in the country you are trying to enter. 

If you are a refugee in Ukraine, contact the legal aid agencies in each country listed below if you have difficulties crossing the border.


If you are escaping from the war in Ukraine, you will be admitted to Poland. All visa requirements have been temporarily waived (you do not need a passport). The Polish government is providing temporary housing. Reception centres have been set up along the Polish-Ukrainian border. 

Sex Work Polska: Provide information and facilitate access to obtaining documentation, transport, shelter, housing, sim cards, medical services, child support/schooling, animal(s) transportation through cooperation with other organisations and institutions on the ground



telephone no: +48660004255

social media: @sexworkpolska 

Info hotline of the Polish Foreign Office: ​​+48 47 721 75 75

Further information (in English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish) 


If you are escaping from the war in Ukraine, you will be admitted to Moldova. All visa requirements have been temporarily waived (you will not need a passport). You can apply for asylum in Moldova at any border crossing point, police station, or immigration office. Refugee distribution centres have been set up at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border (Source). 

Hotline of the Moldovan Bureau for Migration and Asylum: +373 (0) 8000 15 27

Further information (in English) / (in Ukrainian)

Full List of Entry Points into Romania and Moldova from Ukraine (in English)

Uniunea pentru Echitate și Sănătate (Union for Equity and Health): provides shelter services for sex workers: accommodation, food, basic medical care, hygienic packages, shower, clothes washing, support with transportation, information, and counseling, case management in Balty City and Northern Moldova.

Contact: +373 79833133, +373 79571441


If you are escaping from the war in Ukraine, you will be admitted to Slovakia. All visa requirements have been temporarily waived (you do not need a passport). All border crossings are open except for passenger rail services between Čop (Ukraine) and Čierna nad Tisou (Slovakia) which are not running. (Source in Slovak).

NGO Odyesus: provides harm reduction services for drug users and sex workers and links to other organisations and services in the country.

Contact:, +421 252 494 344, +421948 361 094

You can message them at: ODYSEUS – Home | Facebook, at instagram: or find them at Tomášikova 26, in Bratislava. 

You can also ask for help at: #HelpUkraine 

Further info on assistance available in Slovakia – in Ukrainian.


If you have Ukrainian citizenship, you can enter Romania with a short stay status by presenting your biometric or simple passport at the Romanian border crossing point.

Do not worry if you do not have a passport. You will be allowed to enter Romania without a passport by asking for asylum at the border.

For the procedures for asylum-seeking, available support and help within Romania go to Допомога (for Ukrainian), (for Russian) or Prima pagină – Dopomoha (for English).

NGO Carusel provides a shelter centre with accommodation, harm reduction services including needle exchange and condoms, food, basic items, and referrals for drug users and sex workers.

You can message them at CARUSEL – Home | Facebook or call anytime 24/7 at the shelter: +40 (757) 586 514 

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