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Experiences and Tips in Community-Led Monitoring – SWAN members’ experiences

The main idea of this resource is to provide impetus to extend Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in programs with sex workers in our region, in order to inspire SWAN members with the experiences gained.  The material compiles the experience of community-led monitoring (CLM) that has been implemented by Legalife-Ukraine and Tais Plus, Kyrgyzstan,  for a long period of time. It reveals specifics of CLM in programs with sex workers and overviews the recent trends about CLM and perspectives to build CLM systems, to be trained and advanced CLM skills, and advocacy options to make a difference.

This material will be also helpful for NGOs providing services to sex workers to better understand sex workers’ community priorities and perspectives.  International partners will get insights about the actual challenges and needs of the sex workers-led organisations, in order to plan further supporting CLM initiatives as well as will realise the actual scale of CLM which is often underestimated and its results are not taken into account carefully. 

This resource has been prepared in the framework of the project “Moving Together Towards Quality and Equality: Improved Sustainable Services for ISPs in EECA”, implemented by the Consortium of EECA networks – Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA), Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS (EWNA), Eurasian Coalition for Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity (ECOM), Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN), funded by the Robert Carr Foundation, 2022-2024.

The resource is available in English and Russian.

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