Poster SWIT calendar
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SWAN member Tais Plus from Kyrgyzstan come out with a new design of Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT).

Over the years Tais Plus has found creative ways of promoting SWIT within sex workers in Kyrgyzstan, including a mini-theatre presenting all six chapters SWIT. This year SWIT was turn into a calendar. The calendar is available in Russian and Kyrgyz.

The Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT) offers practical guidance on effective HIV and STI programming for sex workers. It provides evidence for the necessity of decriminalisation of sex work, the involvement of sex workers in developing policy, and the empowerment and self-determination of sex work communities as a fundamental part of the fight against HIV. It was produced in collaboration with sex worker-led organisations by WHO, UNFPA, UNAIDS, NSWP, The World Bank and UNDP. 

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